Some ComicsFetcher Screenshots

Here ComicsFetcher is getting the first 100 strips from MegaTokyo.
This is particularly easy because the strips addresses are numeric (see Base Image URL and the status below):

Fetching from MegaTokyio

Here ComicsFetcher is getting all the pictures of Penny Arcade for the year 2000.
Penny Arcade uses another typical address format, based on date.
If ComicsFetcher can't find an image at a certain date, it automatically moves to the next one (this is why some are skipped):

Fetching from Penny Arcade

Here in the preferences you can set up all the formats that ComicsFetcher should also check.

The Preferences

Sometimes the image is generated by a cgi server by giving a certain parameter. The output is an image, but has no name.
ComicsFetcher can understand that, and it then asks for a base name, as shown here:

Setting up unknown pictures

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